ALIFE Project : Meanwhile
Jordan Marchand : Lead vocal | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects
Patrick Hardy : Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects
Randy McCone : Bass, acoustic guitar, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects
Pierre P. : Drums, percussion, sequencing, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects
Meanwhile | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects
Jordan Marchand : Lead vocal | ALIFE - Creative Music ProjectsPatrick Hardy : Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music ProjectsRandy McCone : Bass, acoustic guitar, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music ProjectsPierre P. : Drums, percussion, sequencing, back vocals | ALIFE - Creative Music ProjectsProject : Meanwhile | ALIFE - Creative Music Projects


Jordan Marchand : Lead vocal
Patrick Hardy : Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, back vocals
Randy McCone : Bass, acoustic guitar, back vocals
Pierre P. : Drums, percussion, sequencing, back vocals
Angel Forrest : Back vocals (Not in video)
Jason Rosenblatt : Hammond B3 (Not in video)



Unlike standard music videos featuring a musical group all the way through, for this one specifically we wanted to experiment a different approach that models on a ‘short film’ concept to emphasize a positive and uplifting message that we’d like to share.

‘Meanwhile’, a contemporary rock song with an alternative edge, was written and composed with the intention to tell a story. The story of a lyricist played by model/actress Audrey Guérin who sways back and forth from daydreaming and reality to write the lyrics of this song.

Early morning, blank pages, blurred and out-of-focus images, stuck in a writer’s block feeling exhaustively uninspired, answers pour in slowly through insights, signs and images as the day unfolds with the burning desire to find the right inspiration of the resonating music being played in her head.

Filmed entirely with one single camera in various locations in Montreal, namely Mont-Saint-Hilaire (off-island suburb of Montreal) and Mount Royal (on-island of Montreal), the music features additional musician Jason Rosenblatt playing B3 organ and the back vocals of Angel Forrest, highlighted in the bridge part.

Thanks for watching and keep the way !

Now available on iTunes.



Filmed by Geneviève Cardin (Imagenall Productions) and Nicolas de la Sablonnière (AntareZ Films).
Edited by Nicolas de la Sablonnière.
Post-Production & Coloration : J.C. Leblanc (CAMÉ Creations)
Model | Actress : Audrey Guérin
Music Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered at AUDIO SUITES, Montreal by Pierre P.
Additional recording at Studio Fast Forward, Montreal.




There is a place inside that burns so bright
But meanwhile ~
Until that day it’s “never stray”
But meanwhile ~
Ashamed of wavering
The dream has taken wing
Conviction lies within
Meanwhile just keep the way
And should the rain be falling
Feed the faith, scale the clouds of doubt
And reach for the open sky
The will to fight
The fount of life
An insight
To persevere
To best the fear
Soul’s headlight
And the sound, it resonates
In the mind perpetuates
The ring that never goes away
The dream’s achievement
From a broken road to no end
Grace is heaven-sent
To keep the way in confidence



(More Bios to come for this Project)

Jordan Marchand

Jordan Marchand, a performer from Montreal, has been singing for more than 15 years. He started singing with the Hudson Music Club and was a musical theatre performer in and out of Montreal for years. Jordan staged with several renowned musical theater groups such as Montreal Segal Center, Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre, CETM and The Hudson Music Club. He sang in many rock and hard rock bands in Montreal; Drastic, The Colors, ALIFE, just to name a few. Jordan is also an actor and was in many movies and commercials. He branched out his own band singing old style big band crooner music. He performed many shows including singing for the morning show on Global News. Jordan launched an EP in 2014 and his first music video was nominated for the best short film during the Montreal Actra awards.


Patrick Hardy

Despite being a proficient lead guitar rock player, Patrick also obtained a Music Degree in classical guitar at Saint-Laurent College. After completing it, he got the lead guitarist spot in Gold recording act Marie Carmen. He toured Canada performing over 150 shows under the 2 X Platinum album ‘Miel et Venin’. During that tour he also recorded live with Marie Carmen and the Quebec Symphonic orchestra for a very successful album. Not long after the tour, the act won a FELIX for «Best live show of the year» at l’ADISQ. He also appeared as the lead guitarist with Dan Bigras, a 1 X Platinum recording artist. He enjoyed teaching guitar and at a time had a roster of over 30 students a week. He has been playing guitar for close to 40 years and still treasures playing it as if it is the first time. With the passed years his musical appreciation became more diverse than it used to be before. He enjoys the whole spectrum from Abba to Zappa!


Randy McCone

At the age of 17 Randy co-founded ‘Social Tension’, an independent punk rock band. During their run they recorded and co-produced 2 EPs and a full-length album. They made waves and played a ton of live shows, including supporting international touring acts such as the legendary U.K Subs.
After the band dissolved, Randy used his experience to write and record his own material and started 3 different bands during the last decade. All this brought him to doing live sound and pursuing the passion for underground venues and projects.
The latest band, ‘unsung’, toured extensively across Canada in a packed van mile by mile carving its place in the music landscape. Randy wrote and recorded an EP and a full-length album once again and the band found itself being the leading punk band in the underground Montreal scene.
As a result, Randy was invited multiple times, both as a solo act and with the band, to the annual ‘Music 4 Cancer’ festival which features incredible talents from around the globe.
The common theme has been, is and will always be DYI and independence.


Pierre P.

After getting a music degree from Saint-Laurent College, Pierre joined the Concordia University music program where he spent 4 years obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in music studying drums under Peter Magadini (Modern Drummer Advisory Board) and sound recording under Dr. Mark Corwin (past Juno jurist) with the Electroacoustic Studies program. During that time Pierre was already engineering and producing professionally in various studios in Montreal.
In 1993, he joined the Gold recording act ‘France D’Amour’. Being a part of it, he toured parts of Canada and Europe with +200 shows including opening for acts such as ‘Bon Jovi’ at the Montreal Forum and Live TV shows broadcasted for +1 million viewers. Among many recording sessions as a drummer, he also appeared on the 2 X Platinum recording act ‘Les BB’ on their third record.
With the collaboration of the music faculties of Quebec and Montreal Universities, in November 1996 he performed at the Montreal Drum Fest presented by Yamaha Canada Music which is one of the most important drum events in the world.
25 years of music business and working as a musician and a recording engineer/producer (including thousands of hours of studio time) allowed Pierre to collaborate on over 100 projects.
For the last few years his focus has been on recording, arranging, editing, mixing, mastering and especially producing, but he never lost his passion as a performing musician; both live and in studios.
As music students Pierre and Patrick met at Saint-Laurent college back in the 90s. They both are known in the Quebec music scene and have worked together on numerous projects.


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