ALIFE inspired from the merge of the words ‘Life’ and ‘Alive’ that shine high and positive energy, is a concept composed of Creative Music Projects that targets everybody from music fans, artists, musicians, singers, composers, authors and actors to the whole production team, and aims to promote and help every single one that contributed to the Projects.

A ‘Project’ comes in the form of an original song and video that features each collaborator’s info (bios, pictures and links in the ‘Projects’ section), and brings together great talents to maximize song performance and delivery along with varied influences to form a diverse and colorful sound.

Unlike standard music albums with many songs by the same group or band, the A L I F E concept focuses on one Project at a time which allows to broaden the horizon as a 10-12 song album usually doesn’t come with videos and this much info for each song.

As internet platforms such as YouTube are now easily available on any connected device, we believe in this new reality of the music world more than ever; a song, every song should be accompanied with visual information as authors and composers usually get inspired to write lyrics and music with images in mind to bring the best of the song ultimately for a better listener appreciation.


ALIFE.COM® aims to produce quality and original music Projects with professional artists in order to support and encourage the community by bringing more visibility, and at the same time create more work with the hope that everyone in the Projects benefits from it.

Conceptualized in 2002 but publicly known under the name A L I F E in 2004, A L I F E® has seen many different formations with talented musicians along the way through multiple projects, live shows, radio airplay (mainly across U.S. and Canada) since its foundation.

Yet through different stages and various musical experiments and endeavors, the Projects were always the main ambition and today the ALIFE.COM website acts as the natural progression that focuses solely on the Projects Concept as a result of all those years of work and development.

At the creative level the lyrical direction for each Project revolves around topics that aim to raise awareness and hopefully bring to a better understanding. A spiritual vibe would certainly be the prevailing feel throughout the projects done and the ones to come.


As for the sound and music genre, it is sure to say that rock, all the way from the 70s until now, has been predominant for the 2 published videos so far, and will remain the same for our upcoming project.

Our current project called Meanwhile composed of 7 different artists’ ‘music & video’ could be described as alternative contemporary Rock, whereas I Story which we decided to keep as our first and the only ‘kept project’ from our past brings a 70’s-80’s straight ahead rock feel.

Observation, our third Project currently in production, will be available in fall 2018 and unlike the 2 first projects, this song stems from a progressive rock world but oddly enough features a klezmer harmonica with a harp bullet microphone to bring a sense of originality. Some really cool and vibrant visuals are also to be expected.

Although the first three projects feature the same latest core formation of A L I F E, yet with guest artists on the 2nd and 3rd ones as the ‘Project Concept’ was becoming more and more tangible, we should expect more radical changes from the 4th one.

For those who knew one of the formations before (and thanks for your continuous support), this slight adjusted change of direction occurred naturally when an inspired decision was made to focus the energy on promoting more artists and collaborators for the good of the community, and at the same time, make this Concept even more interesting by adding different influences to spice up each project with their unique personalities.

As for the future, we don’t even know ourselves what exactly to expect as it will naturally evolve with the contributors’ influences and new artists.

But what we know for sure is that being 100% independent with no affiliation with any labels brings limitless inspiration and productivity that opens up a bright new world of creativity and spontaneity, and that’s simply beautiful !

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